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Departmental Executive Management Information System (DEMIS)

The Departmental Executive Management Information System (DEMIS) is a web-based planning and management information system sponsored by the Office of Institutional Research & Planning (OIRP). DEMIS can generate several different of types reports, including general academic reports, payroll gross and fringe reports, financial, grant and budget reports and student administration reports. DEMIS uses role-based access, which means that you are granted access to subject areas depending on your status or role by a data steward. To request new access to DEMIS, ask your supervisor to send a request to the DEMIS administrator group, DEMIS_Admin@ku.edu5.

Kansas Statistical Abstract

The Kansas Statistical Abstract contains the latest available state, county, and city-level data for Kansas on population, vital statistics and health, housing, education, business and manufacturing, exports, employment, income, finance, state and local government, crime, recreation, communications, transportation, agriculture, climate, and energy and natural resources.

Legislative Bus Tour Materials - October 30, 2013

Kansas State legislators participated in a bus tour of Kansas public universities in an effort to learn more about higher education. The legislators visited KU Medical Center on Oct. 30, 2013 for a two-hour session with KU officials. In advance of this meeting, legislators asked KU to compile one-page profiles of KU and KU Medical Center, as well as answers to more than 80 specific questions about the university.

Professional Record Online (PRO)

The PRO system allows faculty to manage professional information on teaching, research, and service, generate a curriculum vitae, print annual reports, promotion and tenure documents, and other university forms or applications, as well as update websites and expand collaboration.

Quick Links
Survey Calendar

February 19 - March 19, 2019
All KU students

Gathers information about students' experiences and campus sexual misconduct prevalence and responses.

  • UCelebrate Survey

March 25 - April 25, 2019
Sample of KU undergraduate students

Assesses the saturation and effectiveness of our social norms campaign, Jayhawk Buddy System while also gauging drinking behaviors, protective behaviors students use and negative consequences experienced while drinking.

  • National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

April 2019
Sample of KU students

Surveys students on their habits, behaviors, and perceptions of a broad range of health topics. These data provide essential information for the creation and evaluation of campus programs that promote health and student success. 

  • PhD Career Pathways Survey

Spring 2019
PhD students from select departments

Fall 2019

Collect data regarding the career pathways of PhDs that can be used to improve the educational experiences and career preparation of students.

  • KU Graduate Student Survey

Spring 2020
All graduate students

Collect information from graduate students about their experience at KU.

  • KU Senior Survey

Spring 2020
All seniors

Collect information about the student experience at KU from seniors.