2012 Senior Survey Results


'Definitely' was the overwhelming answer of participants in the 2012 Senior Survey, when asked whether they would attend KU if they were to start over again. 59.3% of participants gave this superlative response, more than in any survey administration since the survey's inception in 1977. More than 90% of the respondents said they would 'definitely' or 'probably' attend KU.


What makes KU such a great place to be? Here's what survey respondents said:

  • "Good community, great teachers, excellent off-campus experience, unforgettable memories."
  • "My mentors have been amazing, and I was able to get some great opportunities here."
  • "Great experience academically as well as with campus organizations and Lawrence in general."
  • "I love the rich tradition of KU!"
  • "It provided a great education, great atmosphere, and great opportunities within a good proximity of my family and friends."
  • "It is a great place with tradition that you can be proud of, and it feels like you are part of a family."
  • "I love the students, faculty, campus, and environment at the University of Kansas."
  • "I'm glad I came here, and if I hadn't I would have always wished I had."
  • "Great school, great community, great people, great history."
  • "I found my tribe!"
  • "Affordable, a good reputation, and large universities offer a variety of courses."
  • "I love the Jayhawk spirit, and overall the University has made me a more mature professional ready to take on my career."
  • "I enjoyed my time here, and my scholarships made it affordable."
  • "I love the campus!"
  • "Full of tradition; so many great campus organizations; exceptional faculty members."
  • "Fantastic community, faculty, opportunities, etc."
  • "I have loved my experience at KU, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The people are wonderful, and the professors care about making the experience for students nothing less than excellent."


Seniors responded positively in other areas as well. Increasingly respondents believe that courses in their major area were intellectually challenging and well integrated, that personal interest courses were highly available, and that general education courses were easy to obtain. A high percentage of respondents also reported that they had participated in research outside the classroom, extracurricular activities with faculty, or formal or informal teaching/tutoring. 64% report that their academic experience included a culminating senior project, capstone course, or comprehensive exam, up from 53% in 2009.


Questions about satisfaction with various university services and resources, educational costs, and future plans were also included in the survey.


Reports accessible below show summarized results for the university overall as well as for academic units (schools, divisions, and departments) and for selected administrative units. To protect individual privacy, some departmental reports with low degree or respondent counts are not available.

Details regarding the history of the survey as well as results from previous years are also available below. A PDF copy of the 2012 survey instrument is also available for review.

Questions about the survey results and administration should be directed to the Office of Institutional Research and Planning at oirp@ku.edu (full contact information below).





The KU Senior Survey assesses the level of student satisfaction on a broad range of university experiences. The survey is administered to seniors during their spring term and has been conducted nine times since 1977. The Senior Survey was developed as part of a project at the six Kansas Board of Regents universities to measure the level of student satisfaction with the university experience with a deliberate timetable for reassessment. The 2012 Senior Survey was conducted in April 2012, being administered online for the third time. Results from 1992 to the present are included in the 2012 reports.


Beginning with the 2009 reports, streamlined data decisions as well as changes in university organization have resulted in some slight changes from prior year reports. Survey respondents have been grouped by the degree program in which they graduated during the year surveyed, if applicable, or by their academic plan as recorded in student records, not by self-reported major. Responses are also grouped into academic units active for the current academic year, not by the unit governing the student's degree program at the time surveyed. Responses from previous years related to students' second majors have been excluded. Percentages in the reports are calculated using total number of rankable responses for that question as denominator. The number of respondents has been divided by the total number of spring degree recipients in a unit as a proxy for response rate, since rates are not available for all units.

2012 Results







  • University Overall Report
  • Advising Report
  • Library Report
  • Student Services Report
  • College/School Reports

  • Division Reports

  • Department Reports


An excel report with data grouped by school/college, division, and departments is also available.

Previous Reports


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